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Zen Aku

1/28/2020 patch notes

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- mythical cape teleport functional

- mythical guild basement

- brimhaven crevice (must be on a metal dragon task to enter)

- slayer tower basement (must be on a abyysal demon, nech, gargoyle, bloodveld task to climb down)

- forthos dungeon
Forthos dungeon includes Temple spider, Undead Druids, grubby chest & Sarachnis

- all forthos monsters were added to medium/hard slayer tasks

- fixed bug with cow achievement

- added freminnik slayer dungeon

- added the following slayer tasks + superior monsters
    - cave crawlers
    - rockslug
    - cockatrice
    - jelly/warped jelly
    - bloodveld/mutated bloodveld
    - turoth
    - kurask
- demonic gorillas now count as black demon slayer task

- fixed a bug with auto retaliate sometimes not switching on/off

- new client will fix your ability to unblock slayer tasks

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