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    Hi im Content

    Hey mate, Look forward to seeing you in-game my username is; Rain. 😄
  2. Hey all, So I am a level 3 skiller by heart and am aiming to be the first maxed Level 3 Ironman Skiller on Death's Server, Currently working on 99 agility then will be onto Runecrafting!
  3. Hey my name is Rain! 😄 I am 24 years old love playing OSRS but decided to get back into an RSPS and have chosen Death's Server and have not regretted it since! I work 5 days a week as an engineer and play as much as I can as I am already addicted! 😄 I play an Ironman Skiller in game RSN: 3, and I also play a Hardcore Main RSN: Rain. Any question please feel free to ask. Thanks, Rain.
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