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  1. very nice detailed guide thank you
  2. Premium box rewards Common super strength potion - 30 noted super attack potion - 30 noted ranging potion - 30 noted super restore - 30 noted dragon defender fighter torso fire cape barrows gloves mystery emblem 3 RARE boxing gloves: blue (1) boxing gloves: red (1) mystery emblem 7 super restore (200 crystal keys (3) golden key (3) zamorak hasta (1) zamorak hilt (1) bandos hilt (1) onyx gem (1) dragon bones (70) lava dragon bones(50) super combat potion (150) VERY RARE super combat potion (200) lava dragon bones (75) DFS (1) Armadyl hilt (1) Saradomin hilt (1) Ranger Boots (1) mystery emblem 10 (1) Holy Elixir (1) Bandos chestplate (1) Bnados Tassets (1) Staff of the dead (1) Pet Box (1) Elysian spirit shield (1) Zenyte shard (1)
  3. Coins


    accepted, congratulations!
  4. Mystery box Loot Common Turtles saradomin brews super restore potion super attack potion super strength potion super defence potion dark crabs raw sharks magic logs runite ore Uncommon dragon javelin dragin chainbody dragon med helm dragon plateskirt dragon platelegs dragon darts prayer potion lava dragon bones super combat potion zulrah teleports rune box Rare any barrows items light infinity kit dark infinity kit decorative hat, top & bottom Very Rare music cape bunny feet bunny ears decorative legs, top & quiver robin hoot hat any barrows set whip dragon boots rangers tunix robin hood hat zenyte shard amulet of fury dragon axe Ultra box Loot Tba
  5. Coins


    hello old friend
  6. Golden key's Loot Note: you automatically receive a hard clue along with other loot Common Dragon platelegs Dragon plateskirt Dragon sq shield Dragon med helmet Dragon scimitar Book of war Book of law Rare Infinity boots Ranger boots Wizard boots Holy sandals dragon pickaxe upgrade kit ward upgrade kit Mystery emblem 5 Gilded Scim Gilded Full helm Gilded platebody Gilded platelegs Gilded kiteshield Mega Rare Abyssal whip Range tunic Robin hood Fury ornament kit Dragon full helm Dragonfire shield Bandos Chest plate Bandos tassets Zamorak godsword saradomin godsword armadyl godsword bandos godsword Crystal Key Rewards Common Full rune set including boots rune chainbody rune crossbow ring of recoil snakeskin body & chaps, bandana, boots, vambraces split bark set damaged book rock climbing boots mithril gloves elemental shield beginner wand book of darkness book of law book of war mystery emblem 1 dragon scim easy clue scroll black skirt (g) black skirt (t) black wizard robe (g) black wizard top (t) black wizard hat (g) black wizard hat (t) black cane Uncommon shield left half & right cash casket teach wand medium clue dragonstone ammy mystery emblem 2 granite shield mystery box rune claws helm of neitiznot warrior helm archer helm farseer helm doctors gown Rare master wand infinity top infinity hat infinity boots infinity gloves mages book mystery emblem 3 mystery box ecumenical key uncut onyx infinity bottoms
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