Zen Aku on 2020-01-31
1/28/2020 patch notes [Server Updates]

- mythical cape teleport functional

- mythical guild basement

- brimhaven crevice (must be on a metal dragon task to enter)

- slayer tower basement (must be on a abyysal demon, nech, gargoyle, bloodveld task to climb down)

- forthos dungeon
Forthos dungeon includes Temple spider, Undead Druids, grubby chest & Sarachnis

- all forthos monsters were added to medium/hard slayer tasks

- fixed bug with cow achievement

- added freminnik slayer dungeon

- added the following slayer tasks + superior monsters
    - cave crawlers
    - rockslug
    - cockatrice
    - jelly/warped jelly
    - bloodveld/mutated bloodveld
    - turoth
    - kurask
- demonic gorillas now count as black demon slayer task

- fixed a bug with auto retaliate sometimes not switching on/off

- new client will fix your ability to unblock slayer tasks


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Heya there i'm tatskaaa and cant wait to start the grinds with you all see you ingame

Upon logging into Death's Server you will be given the option to view a tour of the server, if you are new it is recommended to agree to take the tour. After this you will be prompted with a menu to choose your mode:Gamemode.png.3e7ffad0e6065fb5047e74b1631e1b34.png

Regular Mode - Standard XP and drop rate

Hard Mode - 1/3 XP of regular mode, however you will recieve 5% increased drop rate

Ironman Mode - Self sufficient account no trading, no access to standard player shops, and no looting other peoples drops/dropped items.

Group Ironman Mode - Group ironman mode allows up to four ironmen to play as a group. They still can not trade with regular players, but they can trade betwixt themselves and have a shared bank. If you wish to join group ironman you will select Ironman Mode, then after logging in you must ::creategroup or have the leader of a group invite you  (::invite (username))  prior to reaching 5 hours play time or you will be locked to a single player Ironman.


After selecting game mode I recommend voting immediately, there is a great shop that even includes a voucher for 30 mins of double XP:


To vote type ::vote in game or click the vote link on the website. On the vote page you will click the links and vote on all of them, after voting on all links type ::reward 1 all in game for your reward.


If you chose to be an ironman or group ironman click on this link (link coming soon with an ironman starter guide)


If you chose Hard Mode or Regular Mode I recommend you head west of the home bank and get an easy slayer task from Vannaka:


I recommend you continue doing easy slayer tasks until you have 60 attack, strength, and defence or 60 ranged. Then you can move onto medium tasks and begin your progression through Death's Server.


Alternatively, you can start by thieving to obtain some gold and get your magic level up to 62, attack to 50, and defence to 20 through easy slayer tasks. Hopefully, through doing your slayer tasks you will also get 43 prayer, if not you will need to get it by other means. Once you have gotten 62 mage, 50 attack, 20 defence, and 43 prayer you can head west southwest from the home bank and swap to the ancient spellbook at the ancient altar:


With 62 magic you can use smoke burst an AOE (Area of Effect) ability. This will allow you to hit multiple monsters at once in a multi combat area. This will be great for where we are heading next. Buy some mage gear from the mage shop just west of home and runes for your newly unlocked smoke burst, also bring a few prayer potions. WARNING: The next step of this guide will have you enter the wilderness do not take any items that you are not willing to lose here. Go to the spellbooks and click the minigame teleport > Next page > Wilderness Barrows (the red text means it is in wilderness). Here you will kill the barrows brothers of your choice for the gear you want. If ahrims is among those of which you want I recommend you start there as it will make getting the following sets more efficient. However, my main priority at Wilderness Barrows is to get the Dharok's set.


After obtaining the Dharok's set I recommend you move on to Pest Control. However you will want to bring prayer potions and a rock cake found in the general store west of home for 50k.



Go to your spellbook > Minigames > Pest Control. Here you will kill Brawlers a monster that attacks with melee and has 400 health points. Each kill will reward you with 5 Pest Control points at 240 points you can buy a full elite void set with all three helmets.



The elite void set will take 48 Brawler kills, and here is where the Dharok's will come in handy use the rock cake to get to 1 health point and pray melee for efficient kills.


Once you have Elite void you are well on your way into the server, and your choices are endless. Enjoy the game and Respect your fellow players, I hope this guide helped. ?

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